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Richard Turner

Richard TurnerI am Richard Turner. Not as tall as 6 feet however on more than one occasion likened to Jason Statham (on more occasions likened to others I will not mention)! I don’t weigh myself and just continue to buy clothes that fit but they seem to be bigger sizes each time. I have calculated that a very large portion of my disposable income ends up with local curry houses which I guess could be the reason.

My two daughters are growing fast with the oldest at Canterbury University aiming to become the next Ally McBeal and the younger will score the winner for England in the 2023 World Cup – well she definitely won’t miss a penalty! My wife runs the local Marks and Spencer store and being so organised I can assure you the shelves will never be empty!

On the work front I have completed many a case they said could not be done and built a reputation of which I am proud. With our new ‘High Street’ location I am certain that I am able to bring this expertise to the community.

About Us

Richard Jeremiah-Clarke

Richard Jeremiah Clarke

My name is Richard Jeremiah-Clarke.  I am 6 feet tall and have dark hair and blue eyes and a dead-ringer for the Milk Tray Man from ‘that’ advert (or am I still dreaming?).  My weight is being negotiated with my diet so watch this space, however, I can confirm I have a balanced diet.  A balanced diet, I am lead to believe, is supposed to be healthy food in good measure. Therefore, I have been known to eat a bowl of fruit for lunch and a pizza for dinner, so probably have not yet mastered the balanced diet thing just yet!

I have 2 wonderful children who light up my world and keep my wallet and trouser pockets very dark.  I spend most of the time away from work helping the children grow into mini-me’s and love nothing more than being the punch bag for my Superhero-mad Son, or the nail varnish tester for my Daughter.  As for my Wife, she must be Super Woman as she tells me she manages to do everything around the house all by herself, yet still finds time to organize my diary with DIY duties so that I am never left bored at home.  Thanks, hun, so thoughtful.

As you can see, coming to work gives me a well-earned break and it allows me to swap life stories with my clients.  Growing through life and experiencing the everyday tribulations that come with it has put me in a very good position of empathy and understanding.  Helping my clients as much as I can not only make me feel good, and provides an outlet for my talents, it keeps me at work that little bit longer so that I can recover from the punchbag bruises.  Well, I have not had any customer complaints yet so I must be doing something right.

About Connect Lifetime

Connect IFA Ltd was founded in 1998 and has now grown to over 30 staff members in our offices in Hornchurch, Essex.

Due to continued company growth, in January 2019 Connect Lifetime Mortgages was set up as a division of Connect IFA Ltd to specifically accommodate equity release and later life lending. At Connect we are passionate about finding our clients the best deal and do so by having access to a wide range of equity release and later life lenders.